THE BIKE SHACK, our Provincetown Bike Rentals is closest to the trails and provides the best and newest bikes at the lowest cost.

The real treasures of the town are seen touring Ptown's bike trails using THE BIKE SHACK'S bicycle and associated equipment. Our brand new bike rental fleet is fully equipped. Park your car and use our bikes to go everywhere and anywhere; run errands, sight-seeing, or just to meet up with friends to enjoy the local night life.

The area has a wide range of bike trails that bring you to our beaches and sand dunes; all part of our National Sea Shore Parks.
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Points of Interest & Distance From THE BIKE SHACK

Provincetown is a bike and dog town. Join people biking all over the town. Save time, money and socialize using a bike. Don’t worry you will still get a good bit of walking in.

Provincetown Center .5 Mile Sit in front of the Town Hall listen to the street entertainment while you observe the best people watching.

Province Lands Trail .25 Mile Some say they are closest to the trails but we are the closest to the trails and the safest route to the trails. On the trail in Beech Forrest you can see rare orchids in May. Chickadees will eat small seeds out of your hand. Just patiently stand and extend your arms and hold the seeds. They will swoop down and take the seeds. Totally cool. The trail will bring you to Race Point Beach and Herring Cove Beach.

Cape Cod National Sea Shore Visitor Center 2 Miles Make sure you also visit the Old Harbor Life Saving Station – most people miss this station. At times you will see turkeys on the dune roads.

Race Point Beach 3 Miles The water temp 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the bay beaches. Rest on the beach and enjoy the cool breezes.

Herring Cove Beach 1.5 miles In March come watch the seals sunbath on the beach.

Provincetown Inn 1 mile The Provincetown Inn welcomes visitors to use their pool and beach amenities for free. You can park your bike in the rear on the board walk adjacent to the pool. Use their beach chairs while you listen to music, order food and drink (not for free).

Tea Dance .3 mile Every afternoon The Boat Slip hosts the Tea Dance where you can meet new and old friends for a friendly dance. Great music and pretty decent cruising. Plenty of bike parking in front of the Boat Slip.

Family Pets Provincetown is a great town for family pets. Down the road, we have a great dog park that has fenced in areas for both large and small dogs. We have several places that groom pets and a fantastic boarding facility just a few doors down. Board your family pet and using a cell phone app monitor your pets stay. Rent a pet bike trailer from THE BIKE SHACK and take your pet with you all over the town.

.MOST OF ALL HAVE “BIKING” FUN using what THE BIKE SHACK has to offer. And remember we are the lowest cost provider for Provincetown Bike Rentals.


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